Mobile security adds an entirely new aspect to the process of maintaining a product’s integrity. Protecting projects from digital intrusion is a full-time endeavor that requires a multi-faceted approach.

We have broken down the three main areas that are most in need of unique security solutions:

  1. The Code
  2. The Network
  3. The Submission Process

Securing the code is just one piece of the puzzle; the process of submitting and publishing an app provides another entry point for hackers and other criminals. Apollo Matrix makes a point to keep our clients’ property safe from the build stage all the way to publishing. We institute fail safes and different layers of authentication to secure both the code and the submission process. Additionally, our internal networks are protected by the NetWatcher security suite, which ensures that while we are working on your project, what we’re creating is for your eyes only.

Check out our security solutions:


Mobile Security Stack Map
Apollo Matrix protects our clients’ assets from development to deployment. We implement protection at every stage of our development environment.