An app that lets architects, engineers, and project managers view and edit digital versions of blueprints right on the job site.  

A client within the construction industry came to us with a proposal to take their existing internal app for digital blueprints from v2 through two additional version releases. The product is an app designed to simplify the use, publication, and transport of blueprints for architects, engineers, and project managers in the field. Our standing team developed and is now managing the product on iOS, Android, and angular.js web.

Rather than carry heavy, extensive blueprints in physical form or bulk email massive .pdf files, the app integrates projects across mobile and web. This allows users to access all of their blueprints at any time. The app gives users the option to view and make notes on pdf prints, upload photo and video annotations, and share all notes and updates with other project members. All of these features can be viewed on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

We streamlined the development process by converting features into a ticketing system. iOS became the product of record, meaning that all new updates and features were built for iOS first, with Android and web following the template. Apollo assigned at least one Belarus developer to each platform, with DC-based technical architects overseeing the process.

The greatest value-add we provided was the extensive metrics suite that permitted visibility into our work and efficiency, as well as giving insight into various use cases and customer behaviors. Through this implementation, we are able to suggest product recommendations and work more collaboratively with our client to create a product that satisfies both their needs and those of their end users.