A major international news agency approached us to create a bulk messaging system utilizing the popular app WhatsApp.

The concept was to create a sophisticated bulk messaging system that tracks and analyzes bulk messages that are sent to an even greater number of recipients than WhatsApp’s initial capabilities. Our architect created a separate app that controls WhatsApp on a separate server, which is accessed over WiFi.

We provided the client with an Android tablet with WhatsApp installed, but stripped of the usual or expected UI. The device subsequently acts as a server rather than a standard tablet, a server which can be accessed by any computer that is on the same WiFi network. The user gains access to the server through the computer’s web browser, which can then be used to manage a WhatsApp account with greater functionality. The server can push bulk messages to tens of thousands of contacts, greatly enhancing the client’s reach and ability to connect. In addition, the app allows for the easy uploading of contacts through CSV extraction, contacts which are then tracked and automatically scrubbed.

Apollo Matrix’s focus on metrics and tracking comes into play on the app’s other main feature: the ability to track the number of messages received and opened, as well as engagement and click-through rates. The user has the option of filtering by date and headline to track engagement.