Share files by safely connecting your devices with PairApp.

PairApp is proprietary software created by Apollo Matrix lead developer David Shalamberidze. PairApp allows for remote connection and transfer of information between paired devices with no central server.

All information and files are transferred through a secure peer-to-peer connection, meaning that data transactions are safer and faster than using an external server as a middleman. Users can pair tablets, smartphones, and personal computers. A connection can be established based on phone number alone, and devices do not have to be on the same network.

This underlying architecture can be used to support multiple functions:

  • File management
    • Automatically sync files across devices
    • Browse, edit, and download files from paired devices remotely
  • Sharing and collaboration
    • Share files with devices; download remotely with one touch
    • Comment on and discuss shared files
    • See feed of all shared comments and files chronologically
  • Messaging (in progress)