Branding The American Heritage Society’s New Educational Product, Fourscore

The American Heritage Society is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving our nation’s future through education. With 60 years of experience, The American Heritage Society shares American history through its magazines and collections. They came to Apollo Matrix ready to create a new digital product with branding appealing to a younger generation.   

Apollo approached this from the beginning with our Discover and Define workshop. From this session, our creative team began by brainstorming the name of the new product. Apollo knew the name needed to uphold the promise of being a trusted collection of historical articles and sources while inspiring learners to continue exploring history.

The name “Fourscore” evokes the natural emotional response felt when a student, teacher or parent hears the first words of the Gettysburg Address. The response, in connection with real historical events, will drive the student in classroom learning. Fourscore’s tagline, “Make History” inspires students to apply knowledge of history and continue their education for college and career readiness. Ultimately, Apollo Matrix wanted the new product to inspire students to actively learn and make history as engaged citizens.

After creating a name and tagline for The American Heritage Society’s new educational product, we continued the creative process by fully designing logos and creating promotional material for fundraising events. To learn more about this amazing educational product, visit