Innovation Inspiration: A weekly meeting at 1410Q offering employees the chance to inspire each other. With designers, developers, QA analysts, marketing admirers, user experience specialists and more, it is always important to set aside time to hone in our creativity and discuss new applications, web sites, or social creations that are up and coming. With our weekly advances, it is now time to share these ideas. This week, we will be covering a few of my personal favorite

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apps- Nest and Viggle.


1.) Nest

Nest, the new generation thermostat, is a smart thermostat that learns your behavior and programs itself to help conserve energy. By simply scrolling the dial, Nest will automatically understand your habits and begin to keep you cool at night and your abode energy efficient when you are away. Nest is easy to install and offers a sleek, modern look.


Want to know the best thing about Nest? It has a great mobile application that allows you to adjust your home temperature from anywhere… And it never stops learning. Nest allows the user to see exactly when Nest was on in their home and how much energy was saved each month. Efficiency will become your new best friend as Nest starts to save you at least 20% on heating and cooling.

Nest2 Nest3


2.) Viggle

Viggle, made popular to me by Ellen DeGeneres, is the exciting way to gain rewards just from watching TV. Learn more about what is on, play games, and connect with friends through this new application. So how does Viggle work? Simply turn on your TV and tap the icon to check in. The app uses noise recognition to hear what is on the television and immediately checks you in for watching that particular show. With each check in, you are able to earn points. Viggle also has a TV guide on your account, personalizing your app with your location and network provider.


Viggle has begun to make double screening (TV and mobile devices) into a social platform. Viggle has partnered with sponsors, such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show to advertise the app and even announce top fans (users with the most check-in points). Viggle is trying to incorporate mobile into TV and encourage users by offering gift cards, tablets and headphones or even a cruise. Sounds like it would take a lot of TV watching to win a cruise, but someone might. You may be wondering, “what are they doing with the user behavior information?” Most likely selling it. But for the first time, users are willingly adding personal habits as a result of gamification and socialization elements. So go ahead, download Viggle, check in, start earning points, and win yourself a cruise vacation!

Viggle3 Viggle2