The time is growing near- iOS7 is most likely in its final round of testing and the official fall release date will be announced shortly. If you have read our previous blog posts and assumed the viewpoint as a mobile product decision-maker, designer or developer, we hope you have taken something from it. But this last post will be directed to you, the user. Our infographic and blogs have shared the resemblance of iOS7 to Android, the new flat look and functionality changes and now, we will share the exciting features that will help users operate their devices more effectively and flawlessly. The largest of these changes coming to the most used application- Safari.

Ask any user what their most used application is and most likely Safari will be up there. Even if the user does not realize, Safari is in constant use,  with LTE speed and fast connections. The Internet application helps you book dinner reservations, look up the address for where to go and read reviews on what to eat, and that is just one situation in the day. With iOS7, Apple has realized how much time users are in Safari and has released modifications to make everything easier including: implementing a unified search bar, a new tab view, and full-screen design so browsing on your iPhone just got easier.

Getting Smart In The Search Field.

The new Safari is bigger and better. It is an upgrade, borrowing some features from Android and some new original ideas. The unified search bar will no longer require that you search in one bar and type a URL into another as all of that is now combined. The user interface also presents icons of favorite websites to quickly see and click your top destinations. Did we mention that the unified search field is also ‘smart’?  This means that it will show you the top results from the search engine and anything from your history as you begin to type.

image (1)

Unified smart search bar allows for more flawless searches and results.


Full-Screen Design For Maximum Usability.

Safari’s new screen will have a new, full-screen design with interface elements and control buttons disappearing during normal browsing. The search field will not return until you want it to, by tapping the website name or scrolling back to the top. With this feature, you are able to see more content than ever before on your screen and pages are able to take advantage of the whole screen for a more dynamic use of Safari.


Tabs on Tabs on Tabs.

The tab view has also changed. No longer is there a limit of 8 tabs being saved at one time. The new Safari will be able to have an unlimited number of tabs open while being presented in a 3-dimensional scroll. With this feature, you will be able to see the headlines and content of each page when deciding where to move next. Users will also get rid of a tab by touching the window and swiping it off the screen or by simply tapping the ‘X’ icon at the top left.


While Safari is not drastically different, the small changes that Apple has made will create a much better experience for the user. These small tweaks can also be seen in the control center, a more detailed notification center, peer-to-peer sharing with Airdrop, photo grouping, and more. Please refer to our infographic for a more complete understanding. In the meantime, get ready for the release of iOS7.