Apollo Matrix is a strategic partner of Tobii Technology, the world leader in eye tracking technology. Apollo offers usability testing and gaze interaction application development based on Tobii products.

Eye tracking technology is nascent, so Apollo also acts as a Tobii Technology beta partner. That means we receive and test new Tobii products as they become available.

Other examples of our work under the partnership include:

  • Apollo’s own Gaze+Touch Tracking for iOS using Tobii eye tracking video overlaid with custom gesture tracking
  • Stable offline versions of Tobii clients’ webpages for use in eye tracking studies
  • Builds of mobile apps to support usability testing and mobile behavior analytics
  • Analytics reporting tools for user and market research departments of Tobii clients
  • Tablet-based analytics visualization of usability study outputs using Microstrategy Analytics

Tobii uses Gaze+Touch tracking to test the interaction quality of every iOS app it develops or maintains!