Project Overview

Apollo Matrix worked with Fab Planners to design and build CoGo, a mobile iOS app that lets parents quickly schedule rides for their kids.

With CoGo, parents create and join private groups in which they can request and offer rides to their children's events. Parents can then track the pickup and drop off of their kids straight from the app.

CoGo was a fun project for us because we got to use everyone on our team, from marketing to back-end developer.

Services Provided

  • Concept Definition
  • Mobile App Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • App Naming & Logo Design
  • Analytics Planning
  • App Store Optimization

Discover & Define

We start every design and build project with a Discover & Define workshop. During the workshop we research the personality, habits, and needs of the typical end-user of the app and then outline how our new build can help support the user’s needs.

The ideas and concepts generated during this workshop, guide our team through the rest of the project.


Fab came to us with their vision early in the process. By partnering from the beginning, our team got to help define the concept and brand of the app. Our marketing and design personnel created the name, logo, color scheme, and branding guidelines.

CoGo Color Palette


Using the insights gained during the Branding and Discover & Define stages, our designers created an app with a clean and simple UX/UI.


Our development team went to work creating a functional version of the designs. The result is a reliable app that is safe for all parents and children involved.

Private Groups

With CoGo you can create private groups dedicated to the events your child participates in. Group members can only be added from current contact lists ensuring members are familiar and verified.

Request & Offer

Easily request a ride for your child within the event group or offer to drive other kids.

Follow On Map

Driver's confirm pick-up and drop-off of the children involved in the ride. Once a child is picked up, their parent can watch the location of the car in real time to ensure the ride goes as planned.

Instant Notification

Parents are notified at every critical moment of the ride.