Apollo Matrix, Inc. seeks Lead Software Developer in Bethesda, MD.

Architect and develop custom mobile and web software for our clients; Development Team Management. Report to office on a daily basis and conduct morning Skype or online meetings with technical personnel in Belarus. In these meetings, discuss progress various developers are making toward solving software bugs or completing assignments. Monitor tickets in Apollo’s system for tracking software tickets and assignments (Jira). Review the coding productivity and quality of code checked in by the Belarus development team. Development Environment Support. Work closely with Apollo’s QA Director to set up and maintain the environment for code management, ticket management, cloud services, regression testing, continuous compiling of course code into object code using open source tools, development environments, test environments, staging environments and production environments. This side by side working relationship will ensure that developers are doing their part to test features and fixes as they close tickets, and will ensure that the QA process s as efficient as possible in returning bug tickets to the developers. At Apollo, QA also handles App Store or Google Play (storefront) submission and related testing. The Lead Software Developer is expected to act as the senior developer for the QA team to escalate its questions or problems to during the process of app store submission. Mobile Development. Act as sole developer of smaller applications running on Google’s Android or Apple iOS operating system. Code in Java at senior level to deliver Android applications. Develop iOS applications. Back end Serve Development. Help specify technical products to be used for the back end systems supporting mobile and web apps. Set up SQL databases as well as NoSQL databases on our cloud services. Determine the best structure for Application Programming Interfaces and develop the API’s using Java and other programming languages.


Requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or electronics & computer engineering. Must have at least 2 years software development experience. Must have 2 years of years of experience with iOS development (Objective C), Android development, and Windows Mobile.


40 hours/week, $93,000 per year. Must also have authority to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who are interested in this position may apply online at www.jobpostingtoday.com, reference #63614.