Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year for retailers. The day after Thanksgiving is the start to the busiest shopping season in the US.  To get consumers out in stores and motivate spending, retailers slash prices and offer “the biggest deal of the year”. Black Friday is now a frenzy because of these deals. It has become increasingly dangerous and stress inducing over the years, with reports of injuries and even death resulting from the swarms of people trying to buy the most goods for the lowest prices.

Has this frenzy peaked, though?

The Rise of Mobile

Over the past few years, retailers invested more heavily in mobile technology. It’s no secret why. The convenience of shopping Black Friday deals from your couch as you continue to recover from Thanksgiving the night before is a tempting offer. Why wake up at 3AM to wait in long lines and risk your safety when you can get the same deals in your own home? 2015 statistics show that more consumers see the benefits of holiday shopping on their mobile devices instead of in stores. We have no doubt the 2016 season will be an even bigger moment for mobile commerce.

Check out our infographic below to see the rise of mobile shopping on Black Friday.

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Mobile Shopping is Impacting Black Friday in Big Ways

Black Friday is just a week away, and we hear apps are a popular place for early deals this year! Download your favorite retailers’ apps now!