A recent Apollo project has been making the news by helping to document the viewing habits of those watching the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

For the latest Olympics, NBC hired comScore, a digital media tracking company, to measure how viewers follow Olympic content across multiple platforms. A key aspect of comScore’s work is a study that uses an app from Apollo Matrix.

The fully native app for iOS and Android incorporates comScore’s survey management SDK to perform in-depth research. It allows participants to log their viewing habits, including when they watch, what events they watch, and what devices they used. The app was designed for ease of use and to allow participants to quickly log in whenever they start watching.

A 300 person panel used the app developed by Apollo Matrix to note their viewing habits. Early results from the app are intriguing, as 70% of users followed

the games in some form on more than one device, with 61% actually watching events on multiple devices. As the Olympics continue, we expect even more enlightening information to come of this study.

You can read about comScore and their Olympics study in The Wall Street Journal