“Good day, every day. Any.do is here to help you manage life in a simple clever

& fun way.”


After last week’s inspiration innovation, my controlled, organized self became inspired by Any.do, a task and to-do list app. While the pre-loaded iOS7 ‘Reminders’ app does little for me, Any.do provides me with choices while remaining user-friendly. With notification options, Any.do can help you plan and achieve tasks throughout the day starting every morning with a reminder to ‘Take A Moment to Plan Your Day”.

Besides a simple, flat user interface with options to assign a date, reminder, level of importance, or even contact, Any.do provides you with some positive reinforcement. And let’s be honest, we can all use some words of encouragement like, “No One Can Stop You Now!” after completing a task.

Any.DO_1 Any.DO_2 Any.DO_3

While Any.do is said to be one of the inspirations Apple used for iOS7, the company is expanding their applications with a calendar app- Cal and other helpful applications such as Mail & Memo- Coming Soon.

“Enjoy the time of your life. Cal is a new calendar for your everyday life. With a beautiful design and an intuitive interface, your days will become easier to manage.”


This app is a great solution for your calendar needs with the ability to sync with iCal, contacts, and email. The screens are simplistic yet engaging. It is easy to look at and even easier to use with navigation and communication with anyone else included in the event immediately available. The layered text over the blurred background represents new design that is up-to-date and relevant for the user. With this app, never miss a birthday, an event, or even a left turn.

Cal_1 Cal_2


Check out Any.Do & Cal on the App Store: