Shopping in a digital world has


Online shopping has become a main source of sales for retailers. So much that as brick and mortar stores see a decline in sales, retailers have begun to offer extra discounts for in-store purchases. Online purchases are not just being made from the desktop computer though as mobile devices have also become a major platform for commerce. This Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday saw mobile shattering records at an average sales contribution of 24% leading to 80% growth in mobile sales year over year.

With mobile devices being a main platform for holiday shopping, Apollo is sharing our favorite apps to help you not just save time but also, money. Find great gift ideas on the bus, on your couch, or even from your desk at work with these great apps.


Hukkster is a free shopping tool that tracks products online for users and notifies them via email, text message, and/or push notification on your mobile device when those products go on sale or when a coupon code or promotion is applicable.

Users can “hukk” products they are interested in from thousands of online retailers currently supported by Hukkster by clicking on the “hukk it” bookmarklet. After hukking an item, users can select a price threshold at which they would purchase the product. If the product goes on sale or there is a relevant coupon code or promotion, Hukkster will notify the user presenting them with the ability to purchase.

With the mobile app already seeing a strong update, the shopping guide is becoming a better user experience for the mobile savvy individual with the opportunity to browse top hukked items, staffers favorite products, and the latest trends and purchases.



Salesorter is similar to Hukkster in that it will change the way you shop. Salesorter is a location-based service that allows you to see what physical retail stores around you are having sales. While I do not personally use this app for the location-based services, I generally take the information and check out the retailer’s website to still shop the sale, especially if the site is optimized for my mobile device.



Other Favorite Shopping Apps for Apollo Employees?

Nordstrom, Target, Zappos, Zara, Cartwheel for Target, Birchbox, and Amazon are just some of the apps that are mobile friendly and offer a great user experience. Don’t fret about the holidays with these mobile apps that make shopping on the go easier, faster, and cost-effective.