Our DevStack is optimized for performance, security, and collaboration. At Apollo Matrix, we pride ourself on always picking the best tools for the job.

Whether we are selecting an analytics package for a client or implementing security measures to keep code protected, we vet all third-party tools and continue to keep an eye on the market to ensure we are using the most up-to-date technologies.

Apollo divides our DevStack into five main areas of operation – Management, Development, Building, Testing, and Deployment. Analytics is our “6th Man” – sitting outside the normal lineup but a powerful support player that drives a lot of value for both our team and our clients. Each area employs a different set of tools, some of which overlap or carry over from one to the next.

The Management component consists of tools for communication, collaboration, and accountability. We communicate and share assets with our clients, as well as track time, tickets, and reporting. Development encompasses solution for creating projects on a variety of different platforms: iOS, Android, the web, and more. Build, Test, and Deploy have some significant overlap, especially as we create and submit changes, updates, and fixes. All of our tools are kept secure by an underlying foundation of safe, sure practices for protecting assets from outside intrusion.

Take a closer look at the solutions we employ and what each of them provides:

Apollo Matrix Devstack