How We Do It

Digital Property Management, or DPM, is a subscription-based management service for your current mobile and web applications.

Under DPM - our team hosts, maintains, plans, improves and redesigns your applications when needed.

Our user-centric approach to DPM results in: greater engagement levels, a higher number of conversions, and more interest from advertisers.

When your users are happy, your organization is happy.

Our Goal

Advance your business by optimizing user experience, performance, engagement, discoverability and uptime.

Pick the Best Plan for Your App

Are your applications in good shape or do they need a total redesign?
Either way, we're here to help.

DPM: Maintain

You're happy with your app, and you want to ensure you stay that way. We'll monitor and make enhancements when needed.

DPM: Improve

Your app needs to be optimized in order to perform better, but no major changes are necessary. We'll make the necessary improvements and maintain them once we're done.

DPM: Redesign

Your app isn't working for you and you need a complete do over. We'll redesign, improve and maintain your apps under this plan.

What You'll Get

Your Products Managed

No need to be a web or mobile professional. We plan, design and schedule. You approve our improvements at the design and release stages.

Low Flat Monthly Cost

No surprise invoices. No personnel issues. No deferred maintenance due to fear of hourly charges. One low monthly fee that supports the service you need.

Property Performance

Continuous improvement without the staff overhead. Measurable progress via engagement analytics and ad revenue.

What We Do


We host and monitor your mobile and web apps so we can document issues, fix bugs, make optimizations, and keep current with the latest devices and operating systems.


We plan and schedule UX/UI improvements, performance improvements, new features and releases.


We enable all properties with analytics to track usability, performance, user behavior, and advertising metrics. By testing and measuring your properties, we are able to create the best apps for you.

Pricing & Details

Are your applications in good shape or do they need a total redesign?
Either way, we're here to help.

DPM: Maintain


  • Cloud Hosting
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Device/OS Support
  • Defect Fixes
  • App Analytics Measurement
  • Mobile & Web Release Management
  • Service Level Agreement

DPM: Improve


Benefits of Maintain plus:
  • UX/UI Optimizations
  • Ad Unit Tuning
  • Back End Optimizations
  • Published Improvement Plan
  • Upgrade All Analytics

DPM: Redesign


Benefits of Improve plus:
  • Same Functionality & Architecture
  • UX Redesign
  • UI Redesign
  • New Layouts
  • Re-release Planning


Contact for Quote

Is DPM not what you need?
We deliver all new projects and provide hourly support.

*Typical price of plan per app or site

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Client Satisfaction

"Apollo's automated app build management and distribution process makes approving changes to the mobile app easy."

"With Apollo we don't need to worry about having the in-house skills to manage cloud services, development or testing environments. Our business objectives for digital translate directly to results."

"Since re-designing our AdSense ad units our ad revenues have increased 20%."

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